About Global One

Global One Financial ("G1") is a specialty, asset-based lending division of Synovus Bank. Possessing unrivaled expertise in financing loans backed by life insurance collateral, G1 is North America's fastest growing lender in the life insurance premium finance industry.

G1's lending programs enable borrowers to secure life insurance collateralized loans that allow them to meet their financial needs. In addition to its lending activity, G1 is also recognized as being the preeminent loan servicer in the life insurance premium finance space.


G1's staff brings over 110 years of collective experience in underwriting and loan program development to bear in developing and approving each loan program.


With direct control over and access to committed capital, G1 is able to provide advisors and clients with access to the funds they need quickly and efficiently.


Expertise and access combine to provide flexibility in loan design. Whether its unique collateral funding mechanisms or interest rate management requirements, G1 is able, in almost every case, to structure a solution that meets the needs of even the most demanding clients.